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Subject: RE: $5.99 Domain Names from eNom
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We consulted ICANN first.

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From: Molly Sandvick
To: Matt Stearn
Sent: 11/12/01 3:18 PM
Subject: FW: $5.99 Domain Names from eNom

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From: John Gilmore []
Sent: Monday, November 12, 2001 2:23 PM
To: Matt Stearn;
Subject: Re: $5.99 Domain Names from eNom

> Get eNom's other services including ...
> rights to change WHOIS information, rights to transfer away from eNom,

I believe it violates your contract with ICANN to make name
registrations that cannot be transferred to other registrars without
paying extra to the original registrar. I also believe it violates
ICANN rules to sell domain names for which users must pay extra to
keep their address information current.

Nice try, but at least THOSE services have to be part of the basic

I also happen to think it's sad that you offer domain scammers a cheap
deal, while offering a worse deal to real people registering real
because they want to use them. But that's a separate, moral rather than
contractural, issue.

John Gilmore